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26. února 2009 v 17:44 | Destiny |  myself
Afroman - gothigh
Alex Gaudino-destination calabria
Alex Gaudino - Watch Out
Atentát - dobovi hrdinovia
Apocalyptica ft. Him ft rasmus - bittersweet
Alice In Videoland - Cut the Crap
Alanis Morisete - ironic
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
Avril Lavigne - complicated
Avril Lavigne - When You're Gone
Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On
Avril Lavigne - Hot
Avril Lavigne - Runaway
Avril Lavigne- My Happy Ending

Bless The Fall - Higinia
Bless The Fall - Guys like you make look...
Bless The Fall -
BrokenCyde - Freaxxx
BrokenCyde - Schitzo
BrokenCyde - True Love
BrokenCyde - 2Drunk2
BrokenCyde - Sex Toyz
Breaking Benjamin - the diary of jane
Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves
Billy Talent - Red Flag
Billy Talent -Surrender
Blue Foundation - Eyes of fire
Benassi -I Love My Sex
Blog 27 - Hey Boy

Cinema Bizare - The way we are
Cinema Bizare - forever or never
Coldplay - In My Place

Desmod - 100rokovsamoty
Desmod - Laviny
Desmod - Nenavidim
Desmod - Adrenalin stupa
Desmod - Posledná
Desmod - Po Kvapkach
Desmod - Diagnoza
Desmod - To nie je možne
Desmod - MM
Desmod - Hemeroidy
Desmod - Volnym Padom
Desmod - čierna diera
Desmod - Vyrobena pre mna
Desmod - Kyvadlo

Ewa Farna - Ticho
Ewa Farna&Kuba Molenda -Oto ja
Eve - Tambourine
Evanescence - lithium
Evanescence - My Immortal
Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice

Family force 5 - luv
Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
Fall Out Boy - This Aint A Scene, Its An Arms Race 1
Fall Out Boy - SugarGoingDown
Fall Out Boy - A Little Less 16 Candles- A Little More Touch Me
Fall Out Boy - Dance, Dance
Fall Out Boy - Slept With Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid
Fabri Fibra - In Italia feat Gianna Nannini by Adrianbessy

Good Charlotte - Victims Of Love
Green Day - Basket Case
Green Day - Time-After-Time
Green Day - Esetleg When I come around
Green Day - wake me up when september end
Green Day- haha you re dead
Green Day - We Are The Champions
Green Day - 2000 light years away
Green day- Oasis- and Aerosmith - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Green Day- American Idiot
Gym Class Heroes & Fall Out Boy - Mash-Up

Hollywood undead - no 5
HIM-Your Sweet 666

Chinaski - Vedouci
Chinaski - Tabaček
Christina Vidal - Take Me Away

IMT Smile - Mam Krasny sen
IMT Smile - Exotika
IMT-Smile - Bez podmienky
IMT. Smile - Nic nie je iste
IMT. Smile - Ja nepoznám
IMT. Smile - Kým Stúpa Dym
IMT. Smile - Mala
IMT. Smile -Nedá sa újsť
IMT. Smile -Vadí - Nevadí
IMT. Smile -Zemepis Lasky
IMT. Smile -Mám To Rád
IMT. Smile -Tajne Milovanie
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills


KoRn -Coming Undone
KoRn - Addidas
KoRn - Twisted Transistor
KoRn - Evolution
KoRn - Tearjerker
KoRn - Hypocrites
KoRn - Seen It Al
KoRn - Souvenir
KoRn - 10 Or A 2-Wa
KoRn - Politics
KoRn - Open Up
KoRn - Love Song
KoRn - Throw Me Away
KoRn, Slipknot, Godsmack, Deftones - Follow
Katy Perry - I kissed a girl
Katy Perry - You're So Gay
Kabat - Usmev-pana-Lloyda
Kabat - Dole v dole
Kabat - Burlaci
Kabat - Buldozerem
Kabat - Mala dama
Kabat - Pohoda
Kabat - žizen
Kabat - Bára
Kabat -čert na koze jel
Kabat - Colorado

Lady Gaga - Just Dance
Lady Gaga - Poker Face
Lostprophets - Rooftops
Lostprophets - Last Train Home Live
Lexter - Freedom To Love
Linkin Park - Bleed It Out
Linkin Park - In the end
Lordi - hard rock halleluja
Lordi - Who's Your Daddy
Lordi - It Snows In Hell
Laura Paussini - Viveme

Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut me up
Mindless Self Indulgence - Prom
Mindless Self Indulgence -
Miley Cyrus - SeeYouAgain
Miley Cyrus - 7 Things
Metallica - One
metallica - nothing else matters
Metallica - No Leaf Clover
Metallica - Welcome Home
Marylin Manson - Taited Love

Nightwish - The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
Nightwish - Last Of The Wilds
Nightwish - Amaranth
Nightwish - Fantasmic
Nickelback - Because Of You
Nickelback - Do This Anymore

Paramore -Crush Crush
Plain white t's - hate (i really don't like you)
Pakito - Start Me
Pakito - Living on video

Rasmus-In The
Rasmus - Shot
Rihanna - Sexuality
Rnb - Low - Flo-Rida ft T-Pain

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